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Our expertise - your profit

The risk management advisory offered by us is directed primarily at the risks faced by corporations, medium-sized companies and organizations and applies to international business ideas and projects in a globalized world. 

Those who want to establish themselves sustainably on the global market cannot shut themselves off to internationalization. However, opportunities always involve risks. These risks cannot be fully covered by the companies concerned, as they are often confronted with an opaque mixture of organized crime, political and religiously motivated extremism and the poverty gap in many parts of the world. 

It is also important to keep in mind the risks arising from climate change and natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) and to be aware of the economic risks that emerge while cooperating with partners that have intolerable standards (child labor, work involving severe health damage).  

The team of Erfahrung Deutschland (ED), consisting of internationally experienced specialists, supports you in the initial planning, the implementation, and in ongoing processes in crisis regions and emerging countries. In addition, we naturally also check your current safety concept as measured by actual risks. 

We focus on the specific risk analysis, the development and implementation of concepts for crisis prevention and management, tailored to your needs and philosophies. 

We are always at your disposal as a reliable and independent partner. 

Our service is professional, discreet and reliable.